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How did No Till Kings start?

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

No Till Kings as a brand officially launched in 2017. Construction, permits and licensing were not completed until 2020. January 14, 2020 was when we officially germinated our seeds. No Till Kings was started by two friends that have known each other since elementary school. No employees, no investors, just the two of them with a dream. They both started out in the industry like most others, during the prop 215 era. Both young entrepreneurs had an extremely deep bond to the plant, quite literally obsessed. Both friends grew at every place they have lived since they were legally allowed under the previous law. They first heard about living soil from a guy that goes by the name of Mountain Organics (@mountainorganics) on instagram. Both friends had always wanted to cultivate the highest quality, cleanest grade of cannabis possible. Seeing what Mountain Organics was doing was incredible. The fact that you could reuse the soil and create a sustainable ecosystem within a fabric pot was mind blowing. They began growing in living soil and the difference in flavor and taste was unmatched. When the legal market came around the two friends knew they needed to show the world No Till on a commercial scale. They saw it as the future and wanted to share the knowledge with the world. Growing in living soil is a fairly basic concept, that requires no harmful chemicals or harsh pesticides. Sustainability and responsible farming is the only way the human race will survive. When the two owners began operating in January 2020 they planned on hiring their first employees shortly after, but then the pandemic delayed their hiring process. Two months later Jake took over day to day operations with the help of their two new employees and the company has been slowly growing ever since.

Pictured below is Jake, Co-owner and head of operations.

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