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The DARK TRUTH behind the legal Cannabis Industry

Truth is, California has set up the legal Cannabis industry to fail. I'll be the first to admit something that most people won't. As co-owner of No Till Kings I see some crazy shit. However, I think the craziest thing I've seen is my friends still buying cannabis on the black market despite knowing me!! I mean, talk about a slap in the face. But hey, I don't blame them! If they can get fire for $40 an 1/8th from their local dealer that drives to their house why the fuck would they go out of their way to buy legal weed that's going to fuck them with taxes. That same $40 1/8th would cost them $50-$55 at the legal store after tax. People will say, "Well people buy legal weed because it's tested and safe." Yeah, sure, that's all fine and dandy but you think a broke college student is going to fork over an extra $15 so they can get a sticker that says the THC %?! Our product is exclusive and high end. It's listed as one of the highest ticket items for flower in the legal market. The reason being is because we grow in 100% Living Soil, which I can assure you no plug is doing. In fact no one on the legal side is really doing it either! Anyways, our product gets listed at $50-$60 at stores but gets sold for around $70 after tax! You think we're ballin now don't you?! WRONG! Let me break it down for you. We pay the same boring costs for packaging and labor like everyone else. Wa wa wa. That's not the point, I don't give a fuck about that. The fucking point is the government created a tax just for us. Oh yeah, it's called the "Cultivation Tax". You know what else has the Cultivation tax? Fucking nothing! They don't have it on grapes or agave. $9.65 per OUNCE that goes into the market goes to the state, out of OUR pocket. Then $12 per square foot of canopy goes to the city, also out of OUR pocket! For each 1/8th we have to pay $0.60 for testing, not to mention the amount we have to give for it to get tested! Trust me friends, it adds up. If I told you what we get per 1/8th after it's all said and done you would be crying. Point of all this isn't to feel sorry for us. We're so blessed to be apart of this life changing, ever growing industry. The problem is how the world views us and treats us. I'm not saying I don't want to pay tax, although that would be nice. I'm simply saying the taxation on cannabis is legitimately unfair! I don't think people understand how difficult we have it and I just want them to know how unfair the regulations are. All my friends always say, "Just sell me some product for low", or "Bring a couple ounces to the party", or "Give me your trim." They don't understand that EVERYTHING is tracked and traced. From seed to sale via the online California METRC system. I can't even bring samples to bud tenders when I give staff training because I don't have a distribution license. Let me say that again. I am NOT ALLOWED to carry MY OWN product and hand it out to a LEGAL DISPENSARY. I have to tell my distributor who takes 10-15% off the top to transport the free samples! (Shoutout my distro though they're putting in work and we love them.) It's just flat out crazy. Anything we try and do we get shut down. Instagram, Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Twitter all delete your accounts, even after stating you're in a legal state and only intend the audience to be 21+. All I am asking is to get treated like the alcohol companies. We can't advertise, we can't hand out free samples ourselves, we can't use normal banks, we can't use normal payroll and no one will take us seriously. I think that's the biggest frustration out of everything. After paying everything on time, having all the proper paperwork and being very professional we get treated like dirt. I'm used to it cause I grew up skateboarding and everyone always looked down on me because back then skating wasn't cool. It just sucks that people won't accept us for being a professional establishment with real goals on helping the environment and wanting to genuinely do better for the community! Everyone in the industry I know is going through the same shit and most are genuine motherfuckers who care about their communities and care about what they do. A lot more than big tobacco and big oil, that's for sure. Anyways, like I said, I am extremely blessed to be allowed to be in this industry and grow the plant that we all love. I am forever grateful. I just think a lot of people are beat down and or don't know what it's really like. It's easy to read a headline for a cannabis company that sold for billions but trust me thats far from many. This blog was just to illuminate people of the taxes and difficulties our industry is facing. Thank you.

No Till Kings

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