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What is No-Till / living soil?

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Have you ever heard the term "Living soil" or "No-Till" and got confused about what it really is? No Till and living soil are the exact same thing. It's a way of farming that uses regenerative agricultural methods for sustainability and "clean" soil. When people think of "clean" ingredients they usually think of natural remedies that don't have a ton of chemicals. That's exactly what we do within our facility. Our farming style is 100% cultivated in living soil, which requires ZERO salt based bottled nutrients. We use compostable material for our soil beds, such as our own cannabis stalk/bark mulch and leaves that our worms and other microorganisms decompose in the soil. Think of a forest floor, which decomposes thousands of leaves and other organic matter over time. The exact same thing is happening within our facility! Our leaves, roots and stalk all eventually get turned into soil. We never throw away our soil, because it just gets better with time. We constantly test our soil throughout the flowering process to see how the mineral content and soil biology are doing. Feeding the microorganisms within the soil is key to a healthy ecosystem. At No Till Kings we take pride in helping our environment. Not only do we save and reuse most of our soil, we also use reclaimed ocean plastic lids for all our 1/8th jars. No Till Kings goes the extra mile to support a sustainable future. Growing this way allows for maximum terpene profile to be extracted from the plant. The flower is a lot smoother, tastier and cleaner than anything you've tried before!

Pictured below, you can see our shredded cannabis bark mulch, leaves, and an old stalk next to a new mother plant. All of this is part of an amazing living soil ecosystem.

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