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What is No Till?

No Till is an agricultural method of farming where there is very minimal disturbance of the top soil. Tilling the soil, or tillage is the conventional way of farming where mechanical agitation is used to prep soil with large discs and tractors. Tilling soil year after year will cause once beautifully rich soil to become nothing but bare dirt. At No Till Kings we farm using the No Till method, leaving millions of microorganisms to thrive in our biologically diverse soil for years to come. 

What's the big deal?

No Till has massive benefits not only to our beloved cannabis plant but to our environment as well. You might be more familiar with the term "living soil". Living soil basically means that the soil is "alive" with organisms, microbes, etc. No Till is, as described above, a method of farming where there is very minimal disturbance of the top soil. Living soil is at the heart of No Till farming. Millions of microorganisms work together to create a biologically diverse eco system within our facility. Our soil is filled with beneficial fungi, bacteria, nematodes, protozoa, worms and so much more! We don't use artificial pesticides in our facility. We use beneficial insects and microorganisms to combat diseases and pests. That's the beauty of No Till, it's sustainable! After we harvest our plants, we grind up the cannabis stalk and lay it back down on our soil along with cannabis leaves for the worms and microorganisms to decompose. Our worms turn all that organic matter into nitrogen rich worm castings and can create up to 140 pounds of castings each month for every one of our flowering rooms! 

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