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Mimosa magnification trichome picture 20x
Mimosa magnification trichome picture 20x
About No Till Kings

No Till Kings officially started in 2017, but was a dream long before. It was our dream         to create a cannabis brand that would stand out and be better. Two friends that                 met through skateboarding founded the company and still run it to this day. In                 fact, No Till Kings only has eight employees and two owners. 

No Till Living Soil requires an immense amount of knowledge of soil  biology and microbiology. It is a very mathematical and precise way of            growing when doing it commercially. Through extensive soil testing with          third party labs, No Till Kings is able to solve complex mathematical                equations to understand exactly what their soil needs cycle after cycle. They      have now used the same body of soil since they started their journey years        ago and it keeps getting better!

The company remains small, focusing on small batch genetics grown  exclusively in living soil. No Till Kings is much more complex than your average flower brand. Growing in living soil, indoors, on a      commercial scale is extremely challenging, thus you don't see it often. 

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